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Milburn Media offers savvy but simple, flexible and effective ways of getting your message across.

Amid the noisy din of spin doctors and media managers, it doesn’t always pay to employ the most expensive, flashiest agency in town or the spruiker with the loudest voice.

You don’t need a BMW to be good at the job. Working in newsrooms provides experience that money can’t buy and knowledge that ensures communication messages are sharp and targeted.

Jane Milburn specialises in advocacy and publicity. Recent projects include managing media issues for AgForce Queensland, leading the public awareness campaign for the Australian Banana Growers’ Council regarding the Philippines banana imports issue, and the pro-fluoridation campaign run on behalf of the Australian Dental Association Queensland Branch.

Before venturing out on her own, Jane had a wide-ranging career in journalism working for ABC radio and television as a rural reporter, for the Townsville Bulletin and The Courier-Mail as a reporter and sub editor, and as a media advisor to a government minister.

Jane helped rejuvenate the Rural Press Club in Queensland and had eight years in executive roles, including 2006-2008 as president and later served as vice-president of the national body, the Australian Council of Agricultural Journalists.

Jane contributes stories on a freelance basis to a range of publications.



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